With a new year comes new opportunities and Wellfully is about to embark on a ‘big’ one of those in 2021. Just two weeks to the end of the year and a joint venture was announced that will see Wellfully, and its partner Dolce Cann Global, jointly engage with the global cannabis industry.

Marrying proprietary cannabis strains with a transdermal delivery system, to bring health and beauty solutions to shelves, the collaboration announced between Wellfully and Dolce Cann will merge beauty, science, technology and proprietary cannabis strains to bring mass market cannabis-infused product portfolios to shelves over the next few years.

Dolce Cann Global has developed a number of strains of cannabis, characteristic for their content of a number of minor cannabinoids with extraordinary anti-inflammatory traits. The project will focus on development and distribution of cannabinoid product solutions containing proprietary Dolce cannabis strains to treat inflammatory disorders, arthritis, rosacea, muscle recovery and damage, as well as cosmeceutical and skincare products that will be applied with Wellfully’s enhanced drug delivery technologies.

From January 2021, commencement of the project will begin with development of products such as creams, gels, or metered dose delivery systems for the dermal delivery of Dolce cannabinoids. It is expected the first innovation will be focused on anti-inflammatory benefits and will hit the mass market by 2022 globally. 


Wellfully, a fully-integrated science-based wellness company, operates on a stage of more than 40 countries through strategic retail partnerships with global e-tailers, demonstrating strong go-to-market strategies. Its ability to disrupt the space stems from its groundbreaking transdermal drug delivery patents and the surrounding technology: 

  • The application of specifically configured magnetic fields as a tool to positively affect the partitioning, diffusion and transdermal passage of drug and other active molecules to enhance the cosmetic penetration and effectiveness, is the core expertise of Wellfully.
  • Having invented, developed and refined its patented technology to a high level of formulation and molecular specificity, Wellfully is able to leverage its intellectual property to achieve new levels of product performance far beyond that of currently available formulation chemistry delivery systems.
  • Through its precision beauty brand RÉDUIT, Wellfully introduced magnetic misting and ultrasonic diffusion technologies to mainstream beauty products. The patented application technologies enhance fine-film creation and penetration, for superior delivery of concentrated formulas directly to skin and hair.
  • The breakthrough ultrasonic diffusion component disperses droplets 50 times smaller than traditional spray, enabling better absorption of potent actives and leaving no undesirable residue on the skin and hair. The magnetic misting acts on these droplets to further reduce surface tension, thereby enhancing transdermal penetration and maximising the delivery of actives – an innovation the partnership will be utilising for cannabinoid delivery.

Dolce secured Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) for the strains from the Australian Department of Agriculture and has since identified the presence of a variety of cannabinoids including the newly discovered phytocannabinoids CBDP, CBDA and CBDB:

  • Super potencies of the new strains, and newfound pathways, could control cell functions that have never been seen before.
  • Having already commenced in vitro testing using human-derived cell lines to analyse the bio-efficacy on seven key cannabis strains – the potential for this stronger mix of cannabinoids and their unique activation pathways will be the key to treating anti-inflammatory associated with specific ailments.
  • The expertise of scientists within the team should see the research go from seed to clinical trials in 12 months. 
  • The new formulations, combined with Wellfully’s transdermal delivery technology,  will result in cannabinoid products that penetrate deeper into the skin, pushing the potent actives and molecules directly to the targeted area for better absorption and more immediate results for both health and beauty solutions.   

“Add these strengths together and you have a very strong proposition to kickstart and elevate the Australian cannabis industry to a global scale,” explains Paul Peros, CEO of Wellfully.

“When you take the Wellfully innovation and patented transdermal drug delivery system and incorporate the super strains from Dolce, with their unique actives and activation pathways, as we are discovering, the possibilities to develop a full cannabinoid product portfolio could be very lucrative indeed.  

“We plan to address the needs of both the health category to treat inflammatory disorders, arthritis, rosacea and muscle recovery damage; as well as beauty for anti-aging, acne, blemishes and beyond. The partnership will allow us to deliver potent actives, which research is showing to be much stronger in terms of anti-inflammatory properties than CBD, using our unique technological delivery system to create new products for the cannabis market. This will open the doors to potential of the highest level when it comes to bringing product delivery and application across sectors using cannabinoid strains that currently do not exist in this manner to consumers. The opportunities are endless,” adds Peros.

The global cannabis-infused beauty market accounted for 5.09 billion USD in 2018, and is expected to reach 18.05 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of around 17.2% between 2019 and 2026.

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