If you’ve not heard Paul Peros’ name branded around in the global beauty and wellness world by now, then you have to sit up and pay attention because this is one entrepreneur who is seriously challenging the status quo and breaking the beauty stratosphere for the better. 

Paul, CEO of Wellfully and first man of its brands, RÉDUIT and Swisswell, is a tireless leader with a track record of pushing the barriers of success in global markets. 

This week, Paul was recognised by the global beauty industry and named ‘Trailblazer of the Year’ in the annual INNOCOS Awards. Achieving this title is no mean feat with the shortlist including other notable global CEOs such as Ju Rhyu of Hero Cosmetics and JuE Wong of Olaplex.

Calling Paul a ‘trailblazer in every sense’ and ‘bold and brave’, The INNOCOS judging panel, comprising industry experts and global media editors, awarded Paul for his demonstration of passion and perseverance particularly in the unforgettable year of the global pandemic.

And drive and perseverance he has in the bucketloads. When COVID first broke out in China in January 2020 and respectively in Europe the month later, Paul acted at superhuman speed, packed up the entire Wellfully laboratory and made the 6113 km trip to Perth to ensure operations would continue. Months later, when the pandemic hit Australia and Dongguan was operational, true to form, Paul packed up once again and travelled with the entire laboratory back to Dongguan, before packing up a final time, heading to Wellfully’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Lugano, Switzerland as soon as Europe was operational post COVID lockdown V1 – very much blazing his 21,474 global kilometre trail to keep the world in beauty gadgets!

“If there was one man I would bet my last dollar on, especially in turbulent times such as the current COVID affected world we’re living in, it would be Paul Peros,” – a recent comment by an industry insider.

A sentiment shared by industry experts and media alike. In the last year, Paul has featured in Vogue Business, Forbes, Cosmetic News, LSN Global and WWD amongst many others. Sharing his experiences on innovation, leadership, success, operations and navigating through turbulent times; there’s a very good reason why Paul is the go-to commentary talent for all things beauty, tech and wellness. 

With decades of experience that belies his age, Paul led a number of successful engagements in luxury consumer products and beauty-tech. He was the CEO of Swedish brand FOREO, from its 2013 inception, to becoming a global market leader with over USD 1 billion in revenues in over 80 countries, more than 3000 staff and over 40 global offices. 

Prior to beauty and technology, Paul spent over 10 years in management consulting, mainly working on new product development. Being a part of GEA, a “pre-McKinsey”, small strategy boutique in Milano, where he had a very typical Italian, product-oriented client pool of entrepreneurs and family businesses, many of which were global leaders in their respective segments, from Leonardo Del Vecchio (Luxottica) and Oscar Farinetti (Eataly), to Vittorio Merloni (Indesit) and Giuseppe Rana (Rana)  – all leaders that truly innovated in their industries.

In the last 12 months Mr Peros has trailblazed his way to new heights and contributed to a changing landscape of consumerism with the launch of RÉDUIT. A brand and business built on innovation, inspired by nature, and wholly formed to disrupt, but also change the way in which people ‘apply’ beauty treatments to their face and hair. If that wasn’t enough, he is also driving full force ahead with the imminent launch of Wellfully’s new health and wellness brand, Swisswell. 

Let’s break that down; Over the last 12 month, in the most volatile market position since the World War, Mr Peros has created two brands, secured over 10 patents, opened two key industrial operational facilities in Dongguan and Lugano, started up four regional offices in London, Zagreb, Perth and San Diego, created over 40 products, 30 of those on the market already, motivated core teams of over 50 people and is still firing on all cylinders. 

“Slow and steady will win this COVID race. I’m not at the helm of the beauty industry for a quick win and in these unprecedented times, adaptation, critical thinking, evolving, changing at a moment’s notice and going with your instinct is what’s required for success in uncertain times, especially in the beauty and wellness arena,” says Peros.

From magnetic misting technology, to small but mighty beauty pods which are revolutionising regular 200ml beauty bottles for a more sustainable future, Paul is championing change in the industry; for consumers, for business, for the environment and for success. It’s like betting on Tesla 20 years ago, and look at Tesla now!

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