“Game changer” – perhaps an overused idiom which has been coined around in the business world since the late 80s? Many a new products are hailed as ‘game changers’ but seldom is this actually the case! By definition a game changer is radical and disruptive, positive and affects a significant shift in the current way of doing something. So step forward Wellfully – having just added a serious miracle to its bow with the launch of the highly anticipated RÉDUIT UNI device

Small. Mighty. Ergonomic. Smart. For hair and skin. Male and female. Powering 24 beauty treatments. The RÉDUIT UNI could quite simply be the next miracle 99 USD beauty device the world has been waiting for.

And waiting for it they were. Not content with having limited exclusivity in the UK from 14 March, Cult Beauty, Britain’s fastest growing multi-brand retailer, was so keen to launch the UNI, it sneaked it live two days early! 

Writing on its ‘Fresh Finds’ newsletter Cult Beauty gave UNI pride of place on the number one spot and described the UNI as ‘haul-worthy’ and ‘upping the ante’ with the dedicated product page describing this universal beauty gadget as; 

“Not only a sustainable beauty solution with exceptional value for money, but it’s tear-resistant and waterproof design make it a smart long-term investment too.

UNI not only works with all RÉDUIT Smartpods (skin and hair), it uses the Wellfully proprietary enhanced delivery technologies including ultrasonic diffusion and magnetic misting, to power 24 beauty treatments for the skin and hair, all in one super smart 99 dollar silicone design. 

Furthermore, the miracle device also harbours the powerful BOOST mode, activating a faster dispersal of powerful actives for a stronger performance – a feature which was previously reserved for the brand’s Luxe gold range.

All four colours of the UNI were launched and in three short days, traction and sales are already breaking existing launch records for RÉDUIT.

“I am aware of the interest and anticipation around the UNI launch and we are delighted to get to this stage and go live with our latest device. Early feedback from consumers is that this is the device they have been waiting for citing ‘multitasking’ ‘affordable’ and ‘diverse’ as the key elements which are really appealing to them,” explains CEO of Wellfully, Paul Peros.

“Furthermore, often is the case (especially in the current retail times) that other retailers and e-commerce buyers will wait in the wings to observe an innovative product launch from afar, only making their move once they start to see positive signals in the market adoption. In a few short days, we are already receiving interesting calls from e-tailers in the US and Australia, as well as to the East in Malaysia to name a few. Very strong early signals are pleasing but we will remain conscientious to ensure the continued development and success of the UNI portfolio as we go forward.” Adds Peros.

UNI is currently available via Cult Beauty as an exclusive in the UK and also on now. Learn how to use, and view the power of this miracle device on the RÉDUIT blog, then simply, choose your pods and you’re only a step away from precision beauty hair and skin treatments every single day, wherever you may be.

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