PROVEN: RÉDUIT Delivery Provides 25% Hydration Performance Compared To Applying 10 X More Amount of Traditional Topicals Using Your Fingers 

A study from Wellfully’s Skin Science and Innovation Laboratory in Perth, Australia released performance test results showing delivering skincare topicals via the RÉDUIT enhanced delivery technology is giving consumers 25% better hydration performance, even while using 1/10th of the amount of a leading French traditional skin moisturiser. 

The in vivo hydrating performance tests compared RÉDUIT’s Hydro Boost and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods™. The GCP (Good Clinical Practices) compliant trial compared a standardised application to the skin of RÉDUIT product (using the RÉDUIT patented enhanced delivery system) with the standard manual skin / finger application of a traditional high-end moisturiser at 10x the volume applied. [If surplus product which remains on the fingers in manual application is accounted for, comparative volume jumps to 15x-20x].

Compared to the traditional product, the total hydration performance over a two-hour period was +25% for Hydro Boost, and +6% for Pearl Diffusion Skinpods™, the latter being a RÉDUIT product that primarily focuses on skin tone benefits and only secondary hydration benefits intended.

The relative hydration performance of the RÉDUIT products after 30 minutes shows an even more significant +31% and +18% improvement in hydration levels for the two products respectively.

“The results from our Perth skin laboratory are in line with expectations,” Wellfully’s CEO Paul Peros said. “This is a very significant result that fits with RÉDUIT’s ethos; delivering a superior performance, using a fraction of product applied. We are actively aligning our testing activities to focus on real life applications, relevant for consumers and their understanding of the advantages of enhanced drug delivery.”

RÉDUIT uses serums rather than emulsions, avoiding the common problem associated with oils that smother the skin and block its natural ability to breathe.  Serums are applied sparingly, feel weightless on the skin,  leave no residue on the skin, and wash off easily. 

By focusing on oil-less serums, RÉDUIT Skinpods™ deliver a greater intensity of beneficial vitamins, humectants and pro-health ingredients than common emulsions. The RÉDUIT Magnetic Mist technology and serum formulations enhance skin hydration, feel weightless on the skin, and help to deliver levels of skin health usually associated with professional spa treatments.

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