The tech-powered revolution in pain management is here!

An exclusive Direct to Consumer (DTC) campaign for the groundbreaking SWISSWELL Lubricen® knee patch has been initiated, heralding the beginning of the company’s significant disruption into the six billion dollar global pain relief market.

Presales of the new SWISSWELL Lubricen® knee patch are limited to one product per client and by invitation or pre-registration only in order to maximise the access to the innovative pain relief solution to the maximum numbers of consumers. Launched via, products will be shipped in September.

Paul Peros, CEO of Wellfully explains, “To see the product go live and get in the hands of consumers following many years of development is a pivotal moment for the brand and the company. Our innovative technologically-driven solution for the pain relief industry is pioneering a new approach to wellness and pain management.”

The tech-enhanced Lubricen® knee patch is embedded with Wellfully’s proprietary diamagnetic micro-array technology that helps push the active molecules contained in the formula deep through the skin barrier and into the tissue around the knee. Along with that, the drug-free formula used in the patch addresses joint inflammation, supports joint function, and provides relief at the core rather than just superficially, offering the consumer an ongoing solution without any fear of side effects.

SWISSWELL will advance the marketing and sales initiatives via the engagement of key opinion leaders, influencers, notable publications and third-party distributors, both online platforms and brick & mortar.

“This is the beginning of the SWISSWELL story,” adds Peros.

To be among the first to have your hands on the new Lubricen® knee patch, make sure you pre-register and gain early access directly on Quantities are limited to one order and one product per customer.

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