As a fully integrated science based wellness company with more than 20 years of research experience and 17 international technology patents WELLFULLY is the leading-edge in enhanced delivery solutions. We are continuously innovating and creating meaningful value through our brands RÉDUIT and Swisswell, and finding pragmatic product solutions through a multitude of projects with world-leading consumer companies. 



For 25 years, WELLFULLY has been the reference for both in research, as well as for finding pragmatic product solutions for industry leaders across health, beauty and personal care applications. Our proprietary technologies help drive active ingredients from formulations into skin greatly increasing the effectiveness of health and beauty products. Through partner companies and collaborations, we are able to provide knowledge and expertise in magnetic field design, proof-of-concept and feasibility testing, technology integration, intellectual property generation, product development and manufacturing support. These partnerships have helped WELLFULLY to establish itself in advanced drug delivery technologies research, as well as a reference in devising effective product solutions. 



Our brands must only exist if they bring genuine value to our customers. Both RÉDUIT and Swisswell provide innovative solutions and advanced product performances in various market sectors such as beauty and personal care, home-used beauty devices, topical drug delivery and the pain patch market. These markets represent a huge opportunity for capital growth and securing the company’s share through personalization, customization and advanced solutions. Customers are the drivers of product innovation, and this trend will continue in the future especially in the beauty devices market  that’s rapidly growing day by day. 

With our latest innovation – BOOST, we are disrupting the beauty device market and addressing the no.1 concern in performance of skincare products. The BOOST works with any skincare product out there and allows for performance significantly superior that seen between traditional products. Higher performance and satisfaction increase the intent to repurchase for 3rd party products, and provide the customers with unique and concrete performance benefits. 

On the other hand, Swisswell is revolutionising the topical drug delivery market with Lubricen – drug-free topical patch which supports joint function and the lubrication of the knee, mobility and flexibility with the diamagnetic micro-array technology outperforming NSAIDs. It’s FDA and EU market-approved as an over-the-counter, low-risk Class 1 medical device from 2022.



In the next period our focus is on increasing the market share by accessing and developing preferred points of sale with selected premium beauty, health and wellness retailers. 

Also, expanding the range from knee patch to other joints with other drug-free formulations, is the key development for Swisswell. 

By continuing to improve our brands and products, we are able to provide our customers with innovative solutions that enhance their everyday lives smartly.

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