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Be the change you wish
to see in the world

To do things differently, we need people who want to do different things as well.

People who want to take over the driver’s seat, who want to show the world the latest ground-breaking technologies.

People who aren’t afraid of taking back the control over their own lives while leading the way in order to help others.

Wellfully is calling for beauty enthusiasts and advisors, established professionals, content creators, high tech geeks and all the beauty lovers to join us for a ride of our lives.

Become a Wellfully Brand Ambassador and start the change now!

What do we offer?

A fascinating brand portfolio
Leading-edge proprietary technologies
Working together on a sustainable future
Responsible industry leadership
Developing as a part of a progressive community
Different engagement and training tracks
Only rewards – no strings attached




Want to transform your
service? Show me how.

Jane, 45

Hair Salon Owner

I’ve included RÉDUIT Shine Diffusion to our regular hair treatments for all of my clients to give them

something special that will not only make their hair look shinier than ever but makes them feel happier during these dark times. It was a small, simple and effortless step for me and my staff. My clients soon recognized and started asking how they could get it to use at home. And that is how it all started. You can make an additional income, offer something different and innovative to your clients and still do your regular work without clashing with existing partners, all while keeping your clients satisfied.


My content – even better?
Get fresh ideas.

Hayley, 36

Working Mum

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone similar to me reading this, I would say: you can do so much

more than you think! After years of staying at home with my kids, I thought I’m miles away from any career or possibility to grow outside of my everyday schedule. I ran into Wellfully’s Brand Ambassador Program and what triggered my interest were RÉDUIT products which I absolutely loved! With the help of my friend, I understood I could simply share my thoughts of the brand with my friends and start earning just by recommending what I use. Hey, this is what we always do anyhow! I absolutely didn’t need to invest or do much more than share my experience with RÉDUIT and help others get better deals. That’s it! Now I’m doing the same, from the comfort of my home and I actually can have it all – my family, my earnings and friends around me, all by using and recommending cosmetics I absolutely cannot live without.


Boost performance?
Show me how.

Alisa, 25


I always loved cosmetics, trends, makeup and fashion… ..and during my first year at college I was

asked to become Wellfully’s Brand Ambassador and to use my own social media channels to promote the brand, which we all do when we have a chance. What I absolutely loved about the company is that they trained me not only as someone who can recommend their beauty gadgets but as an influencer and as a digitally engaged professional – an affiliate. They keep investing in me being their Brand Ambassador, the brand is skyrocketing as we speak and the collaborations they do help the growth of my own followers and fans. The brand looks amazing and I am so proud to be called a Wellfully Brand Ambassador.


Missing your store?
Open your own.

Amy, 33

Beauty Advisor

I’ve been working for more than 15 years in the world’s most famous beauty retail chain. Last year

Covid happened and stopped the world. Stores closed, turnover dropped, rents stayed the same. Retailer chains had to lay off a significant portion of their staff. I was one of them. My life stopped for a bit. What to do, where to find a new job when all the stores were facing the same problems? Then I found out about the Wellfully Brand Ambassador Program which changed my life! I still do the same, if not better and a more interesting job, which I love and enjoy the most only now I get to do it from my home!


Paul Peros


Mr Paul Peros has not only contributed to the change in the beauty tech category, but has led the way, inspired and encouraged others to follow on more than one occasion in the last 30 years. Prior to WELLFULLY, Paul led a number of successful engagements in luxury consumer products and beauty-tech on a truly global scale. Mr Peros’ personal advocacy in every corner of Wellfully, and the industries it operates in, is a contagious trait empowering others to always take action, learn from mistakes and overcome challenges for positive outcomes for a better world for all. His award-winning approach and trailblazing ethos has, and continues to, create new opportunities and innovations never seen before that truly impact professional and personal culture via his leadership and vision every single day. Changing the shape of beauty, health and wellness for a new world is what Paul lives for.

Iva Belic

Global Brand Manager

Iva has profound marketing and brand management experience acquired from more than 14 years of managing various global beauty brands and developing strategies for different markets; from luxurious hair care brand Kerastase, over premium skincare brand L’Oréal Paris all the way to beauty-tech brand FOREO. Iva now joined RÉDUIT to elevate the brand with bold, visionary and ambitious projects and to ensure that RÉDUIT becomes the leader of change.

Lidija Basic

Network Business Developer WELLFULLY

With sixteen years of experience in the international environment of growing business networks, Lidija has been improving client service and building client engagements through some of the biggest direct sales companies in the world. Lidija has extensive experience in ensuring customer’s satisfaction is the top priority from every touch point in the organisation of brand ambassadors. Lidija is a key contact person when it comes to ensuring every aspect of the brand ambassador business structure is functioning well, that all related departments supporting growth of brand ambassadors business are at the exposure and ensures our BAs are treated as what they should be –  company’s most valuable asset.

Ricky Zhong


Man behind the product development, Ricky specializes in formula development and adjustment of hair care and skin care products. Not only he focuses on the product efficiency, but also on the real nature of each ingredient. While RÉDUIT pods are taking over the global cosmetic markets around the world, Ricky, together with the product development team in Switzerland, is already deep into implementation of new textures and substances into our diffusion systems, making sure RÉDUIT always offers new breakthrough solutions. Every idea our marketing team has, he can turn into a magnetic mist solution for every skin and hair type.

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